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Episode 72: Let’s Talk at the Bak-Anime!

It’s time for another man-on-the-street episode, this time at Bak-Anime. Bak-Anime is a two-day annual convention that happened last weekend, May 20 & May 21, at the Kern County Fairground in Bakersfield, CA. Created at the request of fans from the Bakersfield Comic Con, this convention is a smaller yet more personal venue from Anime […]

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Episode 71: On Stage Now – PirateCrab

It’s a new special episode of On Stage Now this month, but I must preface that it is a somber one. Several weeks ago, it was announced on Twitter that a Remixer from the Overclocked Remix community had passed away. His name was Daniel Woodyer, aka PirateCrab, a heavy metal guitarist who performed covers and […]

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Episode 67: 2023 VGM CON Game Music Remix Awards

I realize that I’m behind (okay, over a week behind), but I wanted to put something together, since I wasn’t able to attend VGM CON this year. Simply put, this episode celebrates the winners of this year’s Game Music Remix Awards, playing tracks from their respective categories. However, one particular track won in two categories […]


Episode 66: On Stage Now – The OneUps

It’s our monthly episode of “On Stage Now” for this week. Our featured band is The OneUps, a cover band that has been around for over 20 years, playing in the style of funk and jazz and appearing at several venues, including MAGfest and The Penny Arcade Expo. If you’ll recall, Mustin is one of […]


Episode 64: “At the Listening Lounge” – Mustin

Surprise! It’s a new special episode, in addition to “On Stage Now”. These particular episodes are basically listening parties of recent releases by any cover/remix artist or band. The artist or band themselves may give some talk about their album before letting the playlist start. This playlist may be tracks chosen by the artist or […]


Episode 63: Losing My Marbles (World Marbles Day)

The website “National Today” mentions a holiday called World Marbles Day. It celebrates the first British Marbles Championship that took place in England, in 1588. It was told that two gentlemen were trying to win the hand of a milk maiden named Joan. They competed in several known sports at the time, in Tinsley Green, […]