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Episode 50: Hoop It Up! (Harlem Globetrotter Day)

Everyone knows the Lakers, the Celtics, the Suns, or the Nicks. You may even know the Bruins, the Blue Devils, or the Aggies. However, have you ever heard of… the Harlem Globetrotters? They are an exhibition basketball team known for their on-court antics. Once you hear their theme song, you’ll remember their warm-up routines with […]


Episode 48: 25 Days of RE-VGM

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! This week’s episode is the culmination of the 25 Days of Holiday VGM covers and remixes that were featured on Instagram and Twitter. We’ll be playing all 25 tracks in order, starting with Day One. These tracks were from Overclocked Remix, an organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion […]


Episode 47: Festivus, for the rest of us…

Okay, so perhaps you’re tired of celebrating Christmas. You know, because of how much more commercialized it has become, how few understand the real meaning of the holidays, and why so many people feel burned out after the 25th of December. How about celebrating a non-traditional holiday known as Festivus! This week’s episode will attempt […]


Episode 46: An Early Merry Christmas

Christmas is less than two weeks away, but I’ve decided to celebrate it early. This week, I’ll be gifting several podcast hosts with some tracks, along with covers and remixes. It’ll be a long episode as I talk about several podcasts in particular: Rhythm & Pixels, VGMporium, Very Good Music: A VGM Podcast, A VGM […]

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Episode 45: Lightsticks Up! (World Techno Day)

Put on your best dance outfit, gather your friends together, and break out the lightsticks! December the ninth of Friday, according to DaysoftheYear, is known as World Techno Day. It is a day to celebrate two things: the genre of techno and dance music, and the birthday of a musician (Juan Atkins) who founded and […]


Episode 44: Winter is coming…

See you next year, November. Hello, December… As the last of the leaves fall from the barren trees, and the last of the migrating flocks of birds make their way to warmer areas, the winds blow cold and crisp on your face, nipping your nose and shivering your skin. The sidewalks are getting covered in […]

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Episode 42: On Stage Now – Alina Gingertail

This month’s special episode of “On Stage Now” goes across the ocean to Europe, where we feature a delightful and folksy musician who calls herself Alina Gingertail. She plays a variety of instruments, most of them that are traditional and a few that are modern. In addition, she displays a lovely voice that serenades with […]


Episode 41: Going to Eleven!! (National Metal Day)

Raise those fists and scream your face into melted madness, headbangers! There’s an important event that we’re celebrating, called “National Metal Day”! If you’re a fan of the movie This is Spinal Tap, then you know that any heavy metal music sounds awesome at eleven. Thanks to VH1 Classic, National Metal Day is celebrated on […]