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Episode 24: “Bideogemu o purei shimashou!!!” (Let’s play video games!!!)

“Minasan, kon’nichiwa. Kore wa ‘RE-VGM’ desu.” Hopefully, I wrote that correctly in Japanese, as it’s supposed to say “Hello, everyone. This is RE-VGM.” This week’s episode is a celebration of anime and video games, in relation to Anime Expo, which happened a couple of weekends ago at Los Angeles Convention Center in Downtown Los Angeles. […]

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Episode 23: Let’s Talk (and Drink) at Brew Game Plus

This week’s episodes returns us to the man-on-the-street interview session, this time at Brew Game Plus. Brew Game Plus is a 2-day music festival held in San Diego and is devoted to video game music. Musicians and bands come together to perform their covers, remixes, and original tunes. Some are familiar (“Guile’s Theme” from Street […]


Episode 22: Gaming in America (Happy 4th of July)

Hot Dogs! Hamburgers! Fireworks! Stars and Stripes! Red, White, and Blue! That could mean one thing: The Fourth of July is upon us! On the 4th of July, we celebrate a moment when the 13 colonies separated from the British government with their Declaration of Independence. The American Revolution was a bloody war yet it […]

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Episode 20: Yoko Shimomura (The Masters of VGM)

Now we shall talk about one of the more famous and familiar composers among the VGM community and perhaps outside: Yoko Shimomura. She is best known for her compositions of the Kingdom Hearts series, but that required working on many titles beforehand. This week’s episode, we’ll go through her career, listening to several tracks from […]

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Episode 19: Hiroyuki Sawano (The Masters of VGM)

Welcome to Part Two of “The Masters of VGM”. This week’s episode will be about a composer who’s likely to be more famous for his work on another medium besides video games: Hiroyuki Sawano. If you’ve been watching lots of anime, you probably have several shows on your list that you have watched, are watching, […]

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Episode 18: Hitoshi Sakimoto (The Masters of VGM)

Welcome to one of the four episodes in “The Masters of VGM”, an event during the month of June in which participating VGM podcasters get to talk about their love and admiration for certain composers. This week’s episode will focus on Hitoshi Sakimoto, a composer who started wanting to learn how to make video games […]

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Episode 16: Buzzin’ and Groovin’!

This week’s episode is going to be un-bee-lievably honey-sweet, because May 20th is World Bee Day. Designated by The United Nations, the day brings awareness about the bees and their importance to the ecosystem and humanity. From pollinating flowers to producing honey, the bee is an important asset to the world at large. We’ll be […]

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Episode 15: Don’t Fear the (Number 13)

Personally, I like months where the first day perfectly falls on Sunday, because that means it will have a Friday the 13th (bwahahaha!!!). Now, some will call me weird, but I prefer to be called a triskaidekaphile (an admirer of the number 13). If you want to get technical, you can call me a paraskevidekatriaphile […]