Welcome to The Masters of VGM, a community-wide event among the VGM podcasters who get to flex their knowledge and passion for composers across all platforms of video games. Each podcaster(s) participating will talk about who they feel should be on their own Mt. Rushmore, to be displayed on a pedestal, and be admired by all who gaze in amazement (and sometimes confusion).

In addition to linking my personal episodes, there is also a link to the website, their Twitter account, and YouTube playlist of all the tracks featured from participating podcasts. You can see who’s in on the event and check out their episodes. Overlaps are bound to happen, as some composers are more popular and familiar, but there may be a few unknowns that may pique your listening ears. If you have some time to spare, this is the perfect opportunity to binge my episodes and those from the website. And who knows, you may discover that video game music is something that is awesome and wholesome.

The Masters of VGM

Masters of VGM Twitter

Masters of VGM YouTube playlist


Episode 18: Hitoshi Sakimoto (Personal Website, FB, Basiscape, Basiscape Twitter)

Episode 19: Hiroyuki Sawano (Personal Website, Twitter, [nZk] project, Fan Club)

Episode 20: Yoko Shimomura (Personal Website, Twitter, Soundcloud)

Episode 21: Cœur de Pirate (Personal Website, YouTube, FB, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Apple Music, QUB Musique)